Ph.D., CFA

Dr. Gu, a distinguished scholar in the field of finance, holds a Ph.D. in Finance from West Virginia University. With a solid foundation built on a decade of experience in the finance industry, where he specialized in business valuation and private equity investment, Dr. Gu brings a wealth of practical knowledge to his academic pursuits.

His dedication to education is evident through his extensive teaching portfolio, which includes courses on Principles of Finance, Personal Financial Planning, Financial Markets and Institutions, and Security Analysis and Portfolio Management. Dr. Gu goes above and beyond by instructing students in investment strategies, corporate finance, economics, financial derivatives, and alternative investments, all geared towards helping them excel in their preparation for the CFA exam.

In the realm of research, Dr. Gu's expertise lies in asset pricing, investment, and option markets. His primary focus centers on the measurement of tail risk, a critical aspect of financial analysis. Dr. Gu has pioneered an innovative measure of option-implied market beta, tailored specifically for individual stocks. His contributions to the field continue to shape the landscape of finance and investment analysis.